Our Mission

The Educators of Little Bouncing Bears Early Learning Centre believe every child has the right to high quality care and education in a safe and stimulating environment. Our Educators acknowledge each child’s uniqueness and value the diversity of skills and experiences that each family brings to the Centre.

We believe parental partnership and a sense of community is essential to a high quality curriculum. Our Educators see families as being a child’s primary Educator and therefore we value parent input and suggestions. We believe that communicating with families is essential aspect to our Centre’s sense of community and development.

Educators believe children learn through play, and should have opportunities to play in both indoor and outdoor environments. These environments foster children’s learning and development by encouraging their interests, strengths and connection to their families, their communities and the environment. Our Educators see themselves as facilitators to children’s learning and acknowledge the value of positive interactions with all children in the Centre.

We understand that learning should be derived from children’s strengths, and interests as well as input from families, and should cover all aspects of the child’s day. We understand that children’s learning is reciprocated in relationships and stimulated through positive interactions, a caring environment and learning that is meaningful and in context.

The centre has adopted the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline and the principles of the national Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and National Quality Framework (NQF).

We will:

  1. Treat each child with dignity and respect, regardless of background, diversity and differences.
  2. Respect the rights and opinions of families and encourage parental and community involvement in all aspects of the Centre.
  3. Acknowledge and respect each child’s individuality.
  4. Provide a friendly, caring environment where children are given choice and the ability to work towards learning outcomes at their own pace. We recognise that reaching these outcomes is not linear or predictable and seek to nurture children on their journey.
  5. Promote learning towards the outcomes holistically.
  6. Provide an inclusive environment which promotes acceptance of different cultures and special needs groups.
  7. Seek to celebrate, appreciate and value Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures
  8. Provide various open reciprocal communication channels between Educators and families.
  9. Provide a healthy, safe and hygienic environment for Educators, families and children.
  10. Employ Educators who display teamwork and genuine love and concern for all children in their care.

Comply with all aspects of the National Quality Framework, The ECA Code of Ethics and United Nations Rights of the Child.